✧ you can credit me if you want, it's not needed though. (although it's appreciated)
✧ I'd prefer to only make icons/headers/full layouts. I'm not creative enough for anything beyond that
✧ pref only ensemble stars, love live, and a3 requests. (possibly deresute but idk since I don't know most of the chars)
✧ if you want me to redo something, you can dm me about it.
✧ feel free to dm me with questions too
✧ I'll @ you in the post, but if you don't want me to @ you lmk in the dm
If you want to request please dm me with this info:
(* = required)

* Character name
* if you want a full layout, just icons, or just headers
* the series the character is from
* the card you want


specific colors/color schemes (pastel, vibrant, etc)
specific images you want in the header
if you want a matching layout (specify the other card you want to match)
anything else you want to add


I may take a bit to finish req's as I am a college student fskbjn
if I take too long feel free to dm me to remind me

main twit